Friday, August 5, 2011

Using The Misfortune of Children.

CBN News just ran a story about how cities across the nation are shutting down lemonade stands because of health concerns and lack of business permits. WTF? I think that's pretty fucked up. But then they went on to say that the local governments are doing this because Obama said that "Everyone has to pay their fair share."

Talk about out of context! This station is still trying to get people to believe that Goldman Sachs, Koch Industries, and Walmart are small businesses. Obama was making a point that BIG businesses were not paying their fair share. Big Businesses do not pay their taxes. They instead do everything they can to get out of paying their taxes. This has nothing to do with children's lemonade stands. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Spin on Rising Technology

3D printing is a fascinating technology. It's essentially a robot with a print head, and it melts a substrate and then arranges the molten substance into a pattern to let it harden. Using this process to build layer upon layer of whatever material you use allows you to literally print a three dimensional shape from a file on your computer.

Hack n mod recently featured a Green 3D Printer that is entirely solar powered and uses what is probably the most abundant substrate on the planet: Sand.

Yes, this printer uses sand to produce glass printouts. Not only that, but it uses sunlight to melt the sand. This in it's self is incredible. This is apparently a working prototype of the system, because it is not entirely automated. The printing process is manually controlled by a camera and a remote control. I'll be excited to see a fully automated one that can print and add sand by itself.

Geekiness aside for the moment, there are some amazing political aspects of 3D printers. Like all technology, it will eventually be cheap enough to have in our own homes. A home manufacturing system that will make most factories obsolete. Open Source varieties like the RepRap, MakerBot, and now the Ultimaker, are already somewhat affordable, at least compared to current proprietary versions. And the RepRap is designed to be able to make it's own parts, so that you can print one out for a friend. The RepRap's goal is to be able to make 100% of its own parts, including circuitry and motors, allowing it also to print whole electronics.

The political, and economic fear is what will happen when people not only have the power to download music online for free, but also their own music player as well. Self sufficiency is scary to economic parasites like Apple and Microsoft, and other manufacturing companies. The Accepted Business Model is becoming obsolete. The consumer is slowly beginning to not need the supplier. It is the nature of the universe, that all systems will achieve balance. Animals will adapt to their ever changing environment to not only survive, but also thrive. Those that resist change will be scattered to the wind. That is not a prediction, that is Darwinian Fact.

The Music Industry has already shown that it is unwilling to change, as well as the film industry, and software industry. And as 3D printing technology develops, more and more freedom shall be given to the common folk like you and I. It is said that Science Fiction leads to Science Fact. Just as space travel was first conceived in novels even before man developed the ability of flight, so too will the end of world hunger, conceived by Gene Roddenberry in Star Trek with his replicator technology, be brought to us by this amazing technology.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Not jailing marijuana users saves money. Go figure.

Though I'm reluctant to agree with anyone on tv, this guy seems to have his head on his shoulders, not up his ass.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Anonymity Under Attack

Google+ has suspended my account. The reason? My name isn't acceptable. My name, H3xx, is not acceptable, even though it is my name, the name I use while online to protect myself, to allow me to be who I really am. Anonymous once said, "We cover our face to uncover our true selves." That is exactly what my name is, but No. Google want's my "real" name. They want me to be traceable, locatable, unprotected. They want us to believe  that it's okay to put our true identities online, because they will protect us. Just like Sony protected their psn clients. The world is getting ready for a revolution. Pro democracy riots and protests are happening all across the world and the internet is a major battleground in this upcoming war. The only real protection you have is anonymity. The governments and corporations are attempting to take your anonymity, your protection, by giving you an identity online through things like Facebook and Google+, and now they are tightening the grip by forcing you to put your real name.

Well, too bad Google. My name is H3xx. If you don't like it, then take your Google+ and shove it up your ass. You wont make me a casualty of the revolution, my mask wont be taken from me.

And I urge everyone to protect yourselves. Don't put your real name online in any public forum, it is only a weapon for those who would take your rights.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Title got your attention, diddn't it? That's because sex sells, which, by the way, is why the media is allowed to get as promiscuous as it does. In the rest of the world, ecept for the midle east, Sex isn't that big of a deal. Sure, it attracts horny men, but it is also considered beautiful by many. In this modern America that we live in, however, it is a business. Not prostitution, We're "too good" (read: afraid of) for that. No, ours is the allure of sex. No actual nudity, just psudo nudity. Just show enough skin to dance around the subject enough to get people riled up, then tell them to get their wallets out.

Because that's what it is all about. To get people to pay up without anything in exchange. I'm not advocating prostitution, that's wrong even when it's properly managed.

No, I'm pissed off becaus the powers that be have carfully nurtured this little balance of love and hatred toward sex, that now, in the land of the free, we are even considering laws that prevent people from expressing the love they have for one another, just becase they're the same sex. It's confronted with angry stares and snotty gossip, sometimes even with violence. The excuse is that there is a sanctity in marriage between a man and a woman. Even if there is, that would make it a church problem, not a state problem. Though a church is normally where a marriage ceromony is held, the actual title of marraige is granted by the state. And this also brings in other religions besides Christianity, even athesits believe in marriage.

Which is precicley why there is a seperation between church and state (Though it's not like you'd really notice it.)

More and more people are starting to wake up and be true to themselves. More and more people are comming out, they are experimenting, they are seeing the world with open eyes and realising that it's not as simple or as complicated as they thought. It's somewhere in the middle. They realise that the world doesn't and shouldn't revolve around their principles.

If you are one of these newly awakened people, I urge you to please, help someone near you to wake up. I recently discovered that I am bisexual, and that has allowed me to meet someone who makes me happier than I have ever been. It's times like this that I'm reminded of the lyrics of John Lennon, "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope some day you'll join us, so the world can live as one."

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The world I want.

I don't think my perfect world is too much to ask. It doesn't revolve around me, it doesn't set me up to be in a position of power or anything vain like that. It's a simple world.

I want a world where people aren't needlessly afraid or hateful. I want a world where a black man and a white woman can walk hand in hand down the street, and the only thing is said about them is "don't they look cute." I want a world where I can run around in my own yard at night with a flashlight without my neighbors shooting at me.

I want a world where if my child gets hurt or sick the first thing that jumps into my mind is the safety of the child, not the checkbook.

I want a world where I can be open to my family about being bisexual. I want a world where the news stations actually care about being fair and unbiased, instead of shamelessly trying to control the public opinion.

I want to turn on the television and see the President addressing the nation wearing a T-shirt and blue jeans from Walmart, instead of wearing a $6,000 suit every day of the week.

I want a world where Bradley Manning is celebrated as a hero instead of being tortured for serving his country rather than his government.

I want a world where the average person can retire at 50 if they want to.

I want a world where the bottom line is not the bottom line. I want a world where people care about other people's rights. I want a world that is what it is supposed be.

America is not that world. I am not free here. Not the kind of freedom that people think of anyway. No, I am free to work until I die. I am free to live in fear. I am free to serve the rich, and I am free to keep my mouth shut and enjoy it. Lest they take that freedom away.

The next time you say the pledge of allegiance, think about what you're really pledging.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Anonymous Tea Party

I find this Tea Party movement both frightening and repulsive.

Frightening, because they are a bunch of angry, missinformed conservatives with the drive of 1960s war protestors. Few things have a higher potential for mayhem and destruction.

Repulsive because they are the exact opposite of they heroic event in which they derive their name. The Boston Tea Party was NOT a protest against high taxes, though that was a factor (the only factor you learn about in school for a reason that will soon become apparent.) It was an attack staged to end corporate take over. That's right boys and girls, the Colony of Beantown was once the property of the East India Trading Company. The EITco. was a super corporation that had royalty as a major stock holder, and therefore, free rein to do whatever the hell they wished. Like charging whatever they wished for tea. Or sinking any ship owned by entrepreneurs under the veil of Piracy and Privateering.

Protesting does not work against Corporate Governments. It should, but it doesn't. That is were Anonymous comes in.

The corporate powers that be have and will tell you that Anonymous is a group of cyberterrorists. They are wrong in two ways. Anonymous are not terrorists, except to those who would take the rights of another. And, as has been said by Anonymous over and over again, they are not a group. Not by any definable or confinable term.

If you want to know who Anonymous is, then look in a mirror.
Look down the street.
Look in your loved one's eyes.
Everyone is Anonymous, including you. The Corporation known as the US Government is trying to take your identity, and therefore you anonymity, away from you.

Anonymous are simply citizens of this country and the world who put on a mask and do something that they believe is for the good of everyone. Anonymous is a bunch of guys dressing up like Native Americans and dumping overpriced tea into the ocean.

I support Anonymous, I support the People of the United States of America.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Wage Slavery.

I am a wage slave. Meaning I am a slave who get's paid. I find that a corporate entity like the one that I work for thinks that it can do whatever it wants to us, provided it pays us at least minimum wage.

I know what you're thinking, "If you don't like it, then quit." And do what? There aren't any jobs out there, at least not in my little shit hole of a town. I find myself stuck between a rock and a hard place.

And I'm not alone. Millions of Americans are in this same predicament. Our employers are slowly getting the ability to strip us of our rights, and therefore, our dignity. I wouldn't be surprised if it became legal to use a whip to motivate employees. And what's worse is my boss is the kind of asshole who would do it, too.

I want to go back to school, not enough money. Sure, Financial Aid will take care of the books, the tuition and the lab fees, but I wont be able to work enough hours to pay for my insurance, my phone and internet, my gas and food, or even my rent. The world is stacked against the little guys like me, and it's only getting taller. My only hope that I see moving to a place that is a little more hospitable to human beings, like England, or Norway.

My name is H3xx, and I'm a wage slave in America INC.©