Sunday, June 12, 2011

Anonymous Tea Party

I find this Tea Party movement both frightening and repulsive.

Frightening, because they are a bunch of angry, missinformed conservatives with the drive of 1960s war protestors. Few things have a higher potential for mayhem and destruction.

Repulsive because they are the exact opposite of they heroic event in which they derive their name. The Boston Tea Party was NOT a protest against high taxes, though that was a factor (the only factor you learn about in school for a reason that will soon become apparent.) It was an attack staged to end corporate take over. That's right boys and girls, the Colony of Beantown was once the property of the East India Trading Company. The EITco. was a super corporation that had royalty as a major stock holder, and therefore, free rein to do whatever the hell they wished. Like charging whatever they wished for tea. Or sinking any ship owned by entrepreneurs under the veil of Piracy and Privateering.

Protesting does not work against Corporate Governments. It should, but it doesn't. That is were Anonymous comes in.

The corporate powers that be have and will tell you that Anonymous is a group of cyberterrorists. They are wrong in two ways. Anonymous are not terrorists, except to those who would take the rights of another. And, as has been said by Anonymous over and over again, they are not a group. Not by any definable or confinable term.

If you want to know who Anonymous is, then look in a mirror.
Look down the street.
Look in your loved one's eyes.
Everyone is Anonymous, including you. The Corporation known as the US Government is trying to take your identity, and therefore you anonymity, away from you.

Anonymous are simply citizens of this country and the world who put on a mask and do something that they believe is for the good of everyone. Anonymous is a bunch of guys dressing up like Native Americans and dumping overpriced tea into the ocean.

I support Anonymous, I support the People of the United States of America.

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