Thursday, June 16, 2011

The world I want.

I don't think my perfect world is too much to ask. It doesn't revolve around me, it doesn't set me up to be in a position of power or anything vain like that. It's a simple world.

I want a world where people aren't needlessly afraid or hateful. I want a world where a black man and a white woman can walk hand in hand down the street, and the only thing is said about them is "don't they look cute." I want a world where I can run around in my own yard at night with a flashlight without my neighbors shooting at me.

I want a world where if my child gets hurt or sick the first thing that jumps into my mind is the safety of the child, not the checkbook.

I want a world where I can be open to my family about being bisexual. I want a world where the news stations actually care about being fair and unbiased, instead of shamelessly trying to control the public opinion.

I want to turn on the television and see the President addressing the nation wearing a T-shirt and blue jeans from Walmart, instead of wearing a $6,000 suit every day of the week.

I want a world where Bradley Manning is celebrated as a hero instead of being tortured for serving his country rather than his government.

I want a world where the average person can retire at 50 if they want to.

I want a world where the bottom line is not the bottom line. I want a world where people care about other people's rights. I want a world that is what it is supposed be.

America is not that world. I am not free here. Not the kind of freedom that people think of anyway. No, I am free to work until I die. I am free to live in fear. I am free to serve the rich, and I am free to keep my mouth shut and enjoy it. Lest they take that freedom away.

The next time you say the pledge of allegiance, think about what you're really pledging.

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