Saturday, July 9, 2011

Anonymity Under Attack

Google+ has suspended my account. The reason? My name isn't acceptable. My name, H3xx, is not acceptable, even though it is my name, the name I use while online to protect myself, to allow me to be who I really am. Anonymous once said, "We cover our face to uncover our true selves." That is exactly what my name is, but No. Google want's my "real" name. They want me to be traceable, locatable, unprotected. They want us to believe  that it's okay to put our true identities online, because they will protect us. Just like Sony protected their psn clients. The world is getting ready for a revolution. Pro democracy riots and protests are happening all across the world and the internet is a major battleground in this upcoming war. The only real protection you have is anonymity. The governments and corporations are attempting to take your anonymity, your protection, by giving you an identity online through things like Facebook and Google+, and now they are tightening the grip by forcing you to put your real name.

Well, too bad Google. My name is H3xx. If you don't like it, then take your Google+ and shove it up your ass. You wont make me a casualty of the revolution, my mask wont be taken from me.

And I urge everyone to protect yourselves. Don't put your real name online in any public forum, it is only a weapon for those who would take your rights.

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